What Are The Best Shrubs For Full Sun?

What are the best low maintenance shrubs?

Low maintenance shrubs: 18 choices for your gardenEarly spring-flowering low maintenance shrubs.

Weigela: Weigela florida and hybrids.

Mid-spring flowering shrubs.

Smokebush: Cotinus coggygrai.

Summer flowering low maintenance shrubs.

Japanese spirea: Spiraea japonica.

Oakleaf hydrangea: Hydrangea quercifolia.

Summersweet clethra: Clethra alnifolia.More items….

What are the best evergreen flowering shrubs?

The 10 Most Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Plant in Your Garden Abelia. hmproudloveGetty Images. … Lilac. vav63Getty Images. … Rhododendron. David H. … Rose of Sharon. undefined undefinedGetty Images. … Deutzia. Photos LamontagneGetty Images. … Ninebark. MkovalevskayaGetty Images. … Crape Myrtle. … Caryopteris.More items…•

What shrubs bloom the longest?

Butterfly bushButterfly bush have one of the longest bloom times of all garden plants: they seem to never be without flowers from early summer through autumn. This makes them perhaps better called “continuous bloomers” over rebloomers, since they don’t really take a break like other plants on this list do.

What are the best shrubs for front of house?

Upright conical evergreen trees and shrubs such as arborvitae, spruces, boxwood, and yews are excellent choices for planting at house corners. Columnar trees can frame the front of your house and accent your other foundation plants.

What are the best flowering shrubs?

These Are the 18 Most Beautiful Flowering Shrubs to Plant in Your Garden of 18. Azalea. … of 18. Deutzia. … of 18. Forsythia. … of 18. Lilac. … of 18. Flowering Quince. … of 18. Rhododendron. … of 18. Weigela. … of 18. Beautyberry Bush.More items…•

What can I plant for low maintenance landscaping?

14 Low-Maintenance Plants for Easy LandscapingShrub or Small Tree: Smoke Tree. … Flowering Perennial: Peony. … Tree: Hawthorn. … Groundcover: Liriope. … Ornamental Grass: Feather Reed Grass. … Ornamental Grass: Ribbon Grass. … Ornamental Grass: Fescue. … Tree: Thornless Honeylocust.More items…

What shrubs look good all year round?

Top 10 Evergreen ShrubsDaphne. Daphne plants are well loved for their small but incredibly fragrant flowers which appear in winter and early spring, when little else in the garden is growing. … 2. Box. … Fatsia. … Lavender. … Aucuba. … Camellia. … Euonymus. … Mahonia.More items…

What are the hardiest shrubs?

10 Hardy Shrubs You Can’t KillRed Twig Dogwood.Crape Myrtle. Bees adore it, butterflies love it, and it’s a staple in the south. … Forsythia. The harbinger of spring: this is how gardeners often refer to forsythia (Forsythia × intermedia). … Hydrangea. The world of hydrangeas is HUGE! … Juniper. … Yew. … Serviceberry. … Rose of Sharon.More items…•

What shrubs bloom all year?

31 Flowering Shrubs for Year-Round ColorFothergilla. Bottlebrush-like blooms open at branch tips in early spring, before leaves appear. … Azalea. Spring explodes with color when you include azaleas in your yard. … Mountain Laurel. … Rhododendron. … Weigela. … English Lavender. … Lilac. … French Hydrangea.More items…

What shrub stays green all year?

20 Essential Evergreen Shrubs for a Gorgeous Garden Year-Round False Cypress. nickkurzenkoGetty Images. … Hemlock. SieboldianusGetty Images. … Inkberry Holly. Diane LabombarbeGetty Images. … Blue Holly. Joseph StrauchGetty Images. … Arborvitae (Pyramidal Form) J. … Arborvitae (Round Form) … Siberian Cypress. … Wintercreeper.More items…•

What are the easiest shrubs to grow?

Double Play® Gold Spiraea. Double Play® Gold spirea shines in the landscape from spring to fall with little to no pruning needed. … Gatsby Gal® Hydrangea. Native oakleaf hydrangeas like Gatsby Gal® are easy to grow in sun or part shade. … Oso Easy® Cherry Pie Rosa. … North Pole® Arborvitae. … Spilled Wine® Weigela.

How do I pick a shrub?

Think About Shrub Size There are factors to consider such as placement in the garden, and proximity to other plants. You want to make sure to plant shrubs that you can handle, and one that will complement your other landscape flowers and trees.