What Are The 2 Main Components Of A Motherboard?

How many type of motherboard are there?

4 typeswe already discussed about motherboard, which is the main circuit board and it interconnects the remaining parts of computer.

Totally we have 4 types of motherboards so far.

They are XT, AT, Baby AT and ATX.

XT Motherboards: XT Stands for eXtended Technology..

What are the components of a motherboard and their functions?

Parts of a Motherboard and Their Function Explained1.1 CPU socket.1.2 Memory Slot.1.3 Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)1.4 The CMOS Battery.1.5 The Computer Cache Memory.1.6 PCI slots – The Expansion Buses.1.7 IDE or SATA.1.8 The Computer Chip-sets.More items…•

What are the types of motherboard?

Types of Motherboard Form FactorsForm Factor ATX (Advanced Technology Extended) Designed as an evolution of the Baby AT form factor, ATX marks a profound change in the architecture of the motherboard and other components such as the cabinet and the power supply. … Micro ATX. … Mini-ITX. … Nano-ITX. … Pico-ITX. … In-Vehicle Computers. … IoT Devices.

What are the 3 most important parts of a motherboard?

These include the processor, memory, and expansion slots. The motherboard connects directly or indirectly to every part of the PC.

What are the three parts in CPU?

The CPU is made up of three main components, the control unit , the immediate access store and the arithmetic and logic unit .

What are the 7 major components of a computer?

These components are found in nearly every computer, and now many tablets and smartphones too.Motherboard. Think of the motherboard as the backbone of nearly any technological device. … Networking cards. … Graphics card. … Processor. … Hard drive. … USB ports. … Monitor ports.

How many instructions are supercomputers capable of processing?

The performance of a supercomputer is commonly measured in floating-point operations per second (FLOPS) instead of million instructions per second (MIPS). Since 2017, there are supercomputers which can perform over 1017 FLOPS (a hundred quadrillion FLOPS, 100 petaFLOPS or 100 PFLOPS).

What are the components of a motherboard?

A motherboard is also known as the system board or the main board. The motherboard accommodates the central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), expansion slots, heat sink and fan assembly, basic input/output system (BIOS) chip, chipset, and the circuitry that interconnects the motherboard components.

What are the two main components on the motherboard quizlet?

The main circuit board of the personal computer; Two main components on the motherboard are the processor and memory.

What computer is the fastest most powerful and most expensive type of computer?

SupercomputerSupercomputer – The fastest, largest, most powerful and most expensive computer.

Which type of user is most likely to use a RAID?

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