Question: Which Is Better OBS Or Streamlabs OBS?

What is the best free streaming software?

The best free streaming software at a glanceOBS Studio.Streamlabs OBS.Nvidia Shadowplay.Xsplit Gamecaster..

Does Streamlabs OBS use more CPU than OBS?

No, Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) shouldn’t be very CPU intensive, at all, although of course depends on your settings but it is designed to be lighter weight than OBS. OBS Studio, plus other windows such as chat/Streamlabs or having Streamlabels open will be more CPU intensive.

What software is best for streaming?

What is the Best Streaming Software?Wirecast. Best Professional Live Streaming Software (Starting at $599). … XSplit Broadcaster. Best For Live Streaming & Recording Console Gameplay ($2.50 per month). … Streamlabs OBS. … OBS Studio. … Twitch Studio. … vMix. … Lightstream.

Do streamers use OBS or Streamlabs OBS?

Nowadays, there are two popular broadcast software programs: OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. … Nearly every streamer on YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, and Facebook Live uses one of them.

Which OBS should I use?

If you have no specific need for OBS Classic, then you should definitely use OBS Studio. If your computer is running a 64-bit OS, then I’d recommend using the 64-bit OBS Studio. Streaming to Twitch at 720p@30f should be perfectly fine with your build, assuming your Internet connection is sufficient.

How good is Streamlabs OBS?

“Amazing software for streamers” Streamlabs OBS is extremely easy to set up and comes at free of cost. I use it primarily for Twitch and I like how it has the chat and the events list integrated into one window, making it easier for you to keep track of everything that’s happening as you’re streaming.

What is best for live streaming?

Our Best Live TV Streaming Services RatingYouTube TV.fuboTV.Hulu + Live TV.Sling TV.Philo.AT&T TV Now.

Why does Streamlabs OBS use so much CPU?

Active Member. You’re using x264 encoding for 1080p60. x264 uses the CPU to encode, and 40% CPU usage is absolutely the expected usage for your CPU. You do not have a single frame lost to either rendering lag or encoding lag, which means OBS has all of the processing power it needs to perform its function.

What’s better Streamlabs or StreamElements?

The Statistics of Streamlabs and StreamElements Statistically, Streamlabs is the greater service. Streamlabs has a greater margin in channels logged into it and a greater margin in how many hours viewed streamers receive with Streamlabs as their streaming service.

What is the best streaming software for YouTube?

Best Software for Live Streaming Video to YouTube:OBS:Wirecast Play:XSplit Broadcaster:XSplit Gamecaster:Gameshow (Mac/Win):Airserver:Wirecast Go (iOS device only):Elgato Game Capture HD 60:More items…

How much does Streamlabs OBS cost?

Streamlabs is free to use, we do not charge any fees and there is no monthly price. Please note that some services such as Paypal or Stripe charge their own fees that they collect separately. We do not charge you any additional fees on tips & donations.

Is vMix better than OBS?

OBS wins for the basic user, vMix wins for the power user. This is an area where vMix really shines. Yes, OBS has a usable audio mixer that is available right in the bottom of the interface by default. It works great and has some cool features.

Can you record videos with Streamlabs OBS?

Although Streamlabs OBS is known in particular for its live streaming capabilities, it is also possible to record your computer screen as well. … Many of the settings we discuss here will have to be adjusted for performance and quality if you want to live stream and record at the same time.

What is needed for live streaming?

For live streaming, you do not need to have a storage card in your camera. Audio sources may come from a lapel, handheld, or USB microphone, or from an audio file….The video source(s) for a live stream may come from:A DSLR camera.A camcorder.A computer screen.A webcam.A PTZ camera.Phone or tablet camera.

Does OBS use a lot of CPU?

Encoding video is a very CPU-intensive operation, and OBS is no exception. … However, some people might experience high CPU utilization, and other programs running on your computer might experience degraded performance while OBS is active if your settings are too high for your computer’s hardware.

How much RAM does Streamlabs OBS use?

8-16 GBRAM: 8-16 GB RAM is recommended.

Does Streamlabs have a virus?

Streamlabs OBS has tested clean. The antivirus programs we used to test this file indicated that it is free of malware, spyware, trojans, worms or other types of viruses.