Question: What Is Call Missing In SAS?

How are missing values represented in SAS?

Numeric missing values are represented by a single period (.).

Character missing values are represented by a single blank enclosed in quotes (‘ ‘).

Special numeric missing values are represented by a single period followed by a single letter or an underscore (for example ..

How do you remove duplicate observations in SAS?

The Sort Procedure with the NODUPKEY option is the simplest and most common way of removing duplicate values in SAS. Simply specify the NODUPKEY option in the PROC SORT statement. In the BY statement, specify the variables by which you want to remove duplicates.

How do you remove missing values in Excel?

On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click Find & Select.Click Go To Special.Select Blanks and click OK.Excel selects the blank cells.On the Home tab, in the Cells group, click Delete.Click Delete Sheet Rows.Result:

How do I merge in SAS?

To perform a one-to-one merge, use the MERGE statement without a BY statement. SAS combines the first observation from all data sets that are named in the MERGE statement into the first observation in the new data set, the second observation from all data sets into the second observation in the new data set, and so on.

Is missing function in SAS?

The MISSING function checks a numeric or character expression for a missing value, and returns a numeric result. If the argument does not contain a missing value, SAS returns a value of 0. … A character expression is considered missing if it evaluates to a string that contains all blanks or has a length of zero.

What is Nmiss in SAS?

The NMISS function returns the number of null or SAS missing values, whereas the N function returns the number of non-null and nonmissing values. NMISS requires numeric values and works with multiple numeric values, whereas MISSING works with only one value that can be either numeric or character.

How do you remove missing values in SAS?

If you want to remove ALL Rows with ANY missing values, then you can use NMISS/CMISS functions. data want; set have; if nmiss(of _numeric_) + cmiss(of _character_) > 0 then delete; run; for all char+numeric variables.

What is a valid SAS name?

Rules for Most SAS Names The first character must be a letter (A, B, C, . . ., Z) or underscore (_). Subsequent characters can be letters, numeric digits (0, 1, . . ., 9), or underscores. You can use upper or lowercase letters. … Special characters, except for the underscore, are not allowed.

How do you replace missing values with 0 in SAS?

First, we create an array (num_array) that holds all the numeric columns. Then, we loop over all elements of this array using a do loop. Finally, we use an if-then statement to replace the missing values with a zero. /* REPLACE WITH 0 – USING ARRAY */ data work.

How do you include missing values in proc means?

A simple and quick method to check the number of missing values in a table is to use PROC MEANS with the NMISS option: proc means data = hmeq nmiss; run; Note that only variables with a numeric format can be analyzed with this method.