Question: Does Anyone Use JavaFX?

Is JavaFX Dead 2019?

Many folks assume that client Java is dead; however, JavaFX is still alive and well with more usage, more platforms, and more community support than ever..

Why JavaFX is discontinued?

Like Silverlight and Flash Player, JavaFX receded to the background as developers looked to more standards-based technologies, particularly HTML5, to deliver rich internet applications. Related: Java. Web Development.

Is JavaFX better than swing?

Swing has a wider range of UI components compared to FX, but FX adds more all the time, so this difference might not be notable much longer. Likewise, JavaFX offers IDE support, but Swing’s IDE support is more mature and has more options for rapid deployment needs.

What is better than JavaFX?

GWT, Vaadin, Qt, JSF, and Electron are the most popular alternatives and competitors to JavaFX.

What is the future of JavaFX?

Future work Oracle wrote in its Client Support Roadmap that JavaFX new fixes will continue to be supported on Java SE 8 through March 2025.

What can I use instead of Java Swing?

Other JVM-based programming languages.Matisse in Netbeans – WYSIWYG GUI editor.JFormDesigner – WYSIWYG GUI editor that supports JGoodies FormLayout, TableLayout, and GridBagLayout. … BuoyBuilder- WYSIWYG GUI editor based on Buoy toolkit. … Visual Editor for Eclipse.SwiXML – XML representation of GUI.More items…

Is Java Swing deprecated?

Swing and AWT will continue to be supported on Java SE 8 through at least March 2025, and on Java SE 11 (18.9 LTS) through at least September 2026. Oracle has begun conversations with interested parties in the Java ecosystem on the stewardship of JavaFX, Swing and AWT beyond the above referenced timeframes.

Is JavaFX still used in 2020?

JavaFX is still very much alive and kicking. … At this conference you will hear how JavaFX fulfills the promise of WORA (write once, run anywhere) because these days you can run it on the desktop, on mobile (iOS, Android via Gluon), in the web (via a product called JPRO), and on embedded devices.

Do companies use JavaFX?

Who uses JavaFX? 9 companies reportedly use JavaFX in their tech stacks, including doubleSlash, Biting Bit, and Keylord.

Is Java Swing dead?

You can say that Java Swing is a zombie: It is still available and in use in its latest development state, but makes no progress in regard of improvements. If software development follows one rule, it is that software that isn’t actively developed anymore is dead.

Should I learn Java or Python?

If you’re just interested in programming and want to dip your feet in without going all the way, learn Python for its easier to learn syntax. If you plan to pursue computer science/engineering, I would recommend Java first because it helps you understand the inner workings of programming as well.

Is JavaFX worth learning?

As far as I recall, javafx was removed from the idk and continues as an independent project. I would consider it as a niche, but imho, if you are sticking with Java, it IS worth learning.